1 Billion Food in Rise of Kingdoms

(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

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1 Billion Food in Rise of Kingdoms

Today in Rise of Kingdoms we finally saved up 1 billion food.

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(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

How to Get 100% Exploration FAST Rise of Civilizations

(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

In this intro guide we show how you can explore your entire kingdom FAST in Rise of Civilizations. This video features both beginner and advanced techniques.

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My 5 Marches in Lost Kingdom season 1:

5x F2P marches for

5x F2P RALLY marches for



K16 war on all play list

Choosing the right Civilization + new troops stats

f2p advice’s

all troops

TOP RATED – How to defend a pass, defeat a
part 1:
part 2:

How to defend your

how to defend a

How to defend your flag and

How to defend your

MGE preparation :

Gathering part :

blue and green commanders :

Pairing EPIC

Pairing Legendary

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(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

Tips dan trik mendapatkan 10002000 gems dalam sehari Rise of Kingdoms

(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

Mempermudah untuk mendapatkan gems tanpa pay.. RISE OF KINGDOMS


Tonton juga vidio lainnya :


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(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

How to get Legendary Commander Sculptures through Gem Spending 💎 💎 💎 | Rise of Kingdoms

(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack

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Spend your gems in Rise of kingdoms wisely, dont just spend recklessly , spend it during events especially when there is a more than gems event and wheel of fortune, get those legendary sculptures as an incentive while you spend gems.

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(UPDATED) Rise of Kingdoms Online Hack